Choose your Central Bank Mastercard® Credit or Debit Card

Whether you’re streaming a movie or paying monthly bills, your Central Bank Debit or Credit Mastercard® is the convenient and secure payment option that’s always ready.

Complete your purchases quickly and securely by storing your Central Bank card information with your favorite online stores, your utility company, your streaming services, your digital wallet, and more. Whether it’s for a recurring bill or an everyday purchase, your payment information is protected and ready when you are.

When you add your Central Bank Debit or Credit Card, you get:

  • Security – Enjoy peace of mind with online payment protection. With Mastercard® Identity Theft Protection™ you can count on the latest security technology to monitor and alert you if suspicious activity is found.
  • Convenience – The simple, quick way to check out online that rewards you. Stored payment information means automatic payments and online checkout that lets you quickly be on your way – no manual entry – no hassle, just benefits and rewards on every single credit card purchase. By consolidating all of your spending to one credit card, you’ll earn maximum rewards.
  • Control – Keep your payment information where you need it the most – with your favorite, trusted online merchants and in your digital wallet. By using your Central Bank debit and credit card for your online purchases, you can easily view all of your spending in one easy location.


Don’t let the way you pay slow you down. Save your Central Bank card information to keep your payments in the fast lane.


Online and In-App Purchases – Add your Central Bank card information to complete your purchase and save as the default card in your account.

Digital Wallet – Follow the prompt in the digital wallet of your choice on your smartphone.