Personal Wire Transfers

Send and receive money quickly and securely with Central Bank Wire Transfer Services.


With a Central Bank checking or savings account¹, customers may send and receive funds in the quickest and most secure method available using Central Bank's Wire Transfer services.

Central Bank uses the most reliable and secure technology and global banking partners to provide our customers access to US and foreign banks in most countries in a variety of currencies.

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Wire Transfers FAQs

When a wire transfer has been initiated by you, we will debit the amount of the wire transfer from your account. Next, a payment to the recipient’s bank will be sent through the Federal Reserve System, which includes the final recipient’s payment instructions as stated in the request form. When the recipient’s bank receives the payment, they will apply the money to the account you have provided.

Yes, we only send wire transfers for our account holders. Your checking or savings account must be open for at least 90 days before initiating your first wire transfer and must have enough money to cover the total amount of the wire transfer and any fees associated. Please contact your local branch for fee information.

You will need the below to send a wire transfer:

  • Your state issued identification (driver/non-driver license) or passport.
  • Payee/Recipient's Name (person who you're wiring funds to)
  • Payee/Recipient's Street Address
  • Payee/Recipient's Bank Name
  • Payee/Recipient Bank's ABA Routing Number for wire transfer sent within the United States or SWIFT Code for an international wire transfer
  • Purpose for the transfer, this could include invoice / purchase order numbers, vehicle identification numbers, escrow numbers, etc.

For the protection of your account, we do not accept call-in wire transfer requests without a signed Wire Transfer Agreement.

It is important to understand international wires are not guaranteed to be received within the same day's business and generally takes at least two days to reach the intended bank. Specific disclosures will be provided to you when you submit a formal request.

The sender of the wire transfer will need to provide their financial institution the following:

  • Receiving Bank:
    Central Bank
    238 Madison Street, Jefferson City, MO
    ABA Routing Number: 086500634 for domestic wires
    SWIFT Code: CTUSUS44 for international wire transfers
  • Your Account Number: this is your bank account number. You can log into Online Banking and locate your account number under Account Activity in the Account Info section.
  • Your Account Name: this is the name on your checking or savings account. The name on the wire transfer and the account to which funds are being deposited must match.
  • Your Address: the mailing address that is associated with the checking or savings account the money will be deposited to.
  • Additional Information: this can include reference information, etc.

Yes, your account will be charged a fee for incoming and outgoing wire transfers. Contact your local branch for fee information.

Contact your local branch and ask for a wire transfer representative.  You will need to provide the following:

  • Your Name
  • Your Account Number
  • Date of the wire transfer 
  • Dollar Amount of the wire transfer request
  • For an international wire transfer, please read our Explanation of Rights.

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