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Relationships aren’t bound by language. When it comes to what is important in life (faith, family and friends), we all speak the same language.

And that’s good because relationships are what Ricardo is all about.

Whether it’s cheering on his favorite soccer team (Real Madrid), finding new experiences with his wife, Obdulia or chasing his dog (Luka) around the backyard, Ricardo is all in. Why? Because these are the things that matter to him.

Born in Mexico, but raised in Garden City, KS, Ricardo is fluent in both English and Spanish. This allows him to quickly and efficiently discuss your mortgage options in either language. Loan types, different loan structures, and exemplary contact with you during and after closing are what makes a mortgage great. Ricardo does all of this and more.

In his spare time, Ricardo enjoys the outdoors, exploring new places and traveling, playing sports, and simply spending time with family.

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