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You're going uphill looking at the sky. Clack-clack-clack for what seems like an eternity and then…whoosh! Downhill fast and your stomach rises to your throat! Next come loops, corkscrews, switchbacks and sudden changes of direction. Adrenaline fueled, emotionally charged, and if done right, exhilarating. This ride is the Mortgage Loan Process! 

Scott became a Mortgage Loan Originator in 1997 and quickly noticed a natural flow to the process his clients went through. He spent a decade trying to smooth the ride. The big revelation…the process is DYNAMIC, not linear. It’s a THRILL RIDE every time…it’s a roller coaster!

Phase 1: Uphill climb to the Prequalification. There’s anticipation and maybe some nerves, but Scott’s a pro and he’ll be your guide. We’ve got this.

Phase 2: Downhill drop looking at homes and picking up speed until you go under Contract. This is where it gets exciting! You’re Prequalified! Butterflies, adrenaline pumping, and everything starts to move FAST!

Phase 3: Contract to Close. Loops, corkscrews, and switchbacks…oh my! Your Realtor is talking inspections and you’re talking rate lock, appraisal, and underwriting. All the while maybe there’s a job transfer or kids school change looming. Scott is your guide telling you what turn or twist is ahead, that you have The Ride under control. Then, before you know it, you cruise in to CLOSING. Wobbly legs. High fiving. You’re DONE! Or...are you?

Phase 4: After Closing. The Ride may be over for now, but Scott will keep in touch, He’ll always be your trusted guide for everything mortgage, and will be thrilled to ride again whenever you’re ready!

Contact Scott so he can tell you more about his innovative methodology and the unique way he looks at this process - the biggest financial Thrill Ride of your life!

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