Simon Wilson

Simon Wilson

Mortgage Loan Originator

NMLS# 2514564

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About Me

Simon is a North Carolina native and proud to call the Outer Banks his home.

So much so, that he knew he had to protect it.

As an EMT, Simon is in a lot of difficult situations in which speed, efficiency and attention to detail are critical. People’s lives are on the line, and Simon never forgets that. His work in public safety has had another long-term effect on him. It has instilled in him a deep sense of compassion and urgency for helping others.

As a full time mortgage loan officer, he believes that everyone, no matter where they choose to call home, deserves a seamless and stress-free experience when buying a house. That's Simon’s mission. He prioritizes fast and efficient communication that respects your time and ensures you stay well-informed at every step of the way. Homeownership is about more than a location; it's about finding your own special corner of the world, wherever that may be.

Talk to Simon today. He’s got your best interests at heart.

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