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Tatyana Osenniy

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Tatyana believes in the “golden rule”. Treat others how you want to be treated.

Because, if you treat others well, chances are, they will appreciate it.

Tatyana has proven it since 2017. Since then, Tatyana has done a lot of mortgages.  And she’s discovered one fact through them all.  People are unique. Some want every detail explained, while others want their loan officer to handle everything and just bring them in when needed. Understanding what YOU want is critical to Tatyana. Because, after she’s gone over all your options, answered all your questions, and taken the time to understand how important your mortgage is, she makes your mortgage all about…you.

Tatyana is involved in Go Red for Women, serving as the Co- Chair for the 2025 event. She serves as the Chair of the Planning and Zoning Commission in her town of Rogersville, MO and participates in several Community Development forums.

In her spare time, Tatyana enjoys traveling, spending time with her husband and their children. Thanks to her kids’ hobbies, she is now an expert in botany, cats, and saltwater fish tanks.

Talk to Tatyana today. She’ll treat you well.

After all, it’s the “golden rule”.

Tatyana with her family
Tatyana and her husband Tatyana public speaking

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