Improve patient engagement and save significantly with PatientPay℠. The smartest way to manage patient payments.

Bill paying and collecting can be a stressful experience for both healthcare providers and the patient. PatientPay℠ allows you and your customers to benefit from an easy-to-use online bill paying system.

Unlike the traditional paper system, PatientPay℠ gives the customer the option to pay online. The patient receives an email from your group after their visit notifying them that their bill is ready to be reviewed. From there, they’ll log onto PatientPay℠ and pay their balance. You’ll receive the funds the following day.

Using the automated processing platform, patients can pay their medical bills easily and at their convenience. Most customers pay their bill as soon as they open the email notification. From 2011 to 2014, the number of consumer payments to healthcare providers increased 193 percent, making patient payments the fastest growing portion of providers’ revenue. That means you’ll save time and money and you’ll have a happier customer.

  • Increase your savings in the billing process – other major hospitals save an average $3.03 per bill using PatientPay℠
  • 73 percent of patients pay their bill once it is opened
  • Patients pay their bill within an average of eleven days

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