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Online Investing


Is it right for you?

No doubt, digital platforms have become the standard method of communicating and operating in almost every area of our lives. Online investing is no different. But to many people, the idea of investing online can be confusing and uncomfortable.

Online Investing Defined

Online investing, or digital investing, is a method of investing in financial securities through internet-based platforms. These trading platforms offer the same range of investment options - such as stocks, bonds, ETFs (exchange-traded funds), mutual funds, and crypto-currencies – that are offered through traditional channels. With online investing, you can buy or sell financial assets at the click of a button, without any physical presence in a stock exchange or meeting with a broker.

Simply put, online investing brings financial markets right to your smartphone, tablet, or computer, allowing you to make investment decisions from wherever you are.

Online investing infographic

How does Online Investing Work?

To start investing online, you need to first choose a digital platform. This platform could be a robo-advisor, an online brokerage, or a mobile app designed for trading. Once you've chosen a platform, you'll need to create an account and deposit funds into it. The platform will guide you through this process.

Once your account is set up and funded, you can begin investing. Online trading platforms provide tools and resources that can help you make informed investment decisions. These include market news, price charts, and analysis reports. Moreover, some platforms also offer automated investing, where the platform, using a robo-advisor, invests your money based on your risk tolerance and financial goals.

Why Choose Online Investing?

Online investing offers several advantages:

  • Convenience. You can invest at any time, anywhere, as long as you have internet access.
  • Lower Fees. Online trading platforms typically charge lower fees than traditional brokers. Some even offer commission-free trades.
  • Access to Information. These platforms provide a wealth of resources to help you make informed decisions. This information is available in real-time, keeping you updated about your investments.
  • Control. Online investing gives you direct control over your investments. You can buy or sell securities and monitor your portfolio in real-time.
  • Transparency. Online investing allows you to have clear information about your investments and all the fees and other charges associated with the trading account.

Risks and How to Mitigate Them

As with traditional investment platforms, online investing does come with risks. Market volatility can lead to financial loss. Also, the wealth of information can be overwhelming, leading to hasty, uninformed decisions.

It’s essential to educate yourself about investing basics, market trends, and the assets you're interested in. Start with small investments and gradually increase your exposure as you gain experience and confidence. Diversifying your portfolio can also help spread risk.

It’s also important to remember that it’s not about getting rich quick but building wealth over time. Adopt a long-term investment strategy and resist the urge to react to short-term market fluctuations.

The Bottom Line

Online investing is a powerful tool that can help you grow your wealth and achieve your financial goals. It offers convenience, lower costs, and greater control over your investments. However, it's crucial to approach it with knowledge and a well-thought-out investment strategy.

Because investments have risk of losing value and are not FDIC-insured, you should consider consulting a financial advisor before investing. Contact us to learn how we can assist you with your online investment needs.

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