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I am Starting My First Job

Life Events

I finally graduated from college and just landed my first job. It sure has taken me a long time to get here and it hasn’t been easy.

Just when I thought I had it all figured out, I was hit with an even bigger decision! Retirement planning! It wasn’t even on my radar. What IS a 401K? Who knew I needed to think about it right now? After all, I’ve only just started my career.

I wasn’t sure where to start, but with a little guidance from a Customer Service Representative at my bank, I learned that now is the best time to start saving. Starting early is the key to growing my retirement funds.

I had never even heard the term compounded interest before, but now that I have, I’m using it to my advantage. I’m glad I didn’t miss a chance to make the most of my investments.

And, I’m starting to make better decisions about my money. Before buying that new car I’ve been eyeing, I’m going to make sure the monthly payment doesn’t leave me strapped for cash.

Online financial calculators helped me set a realistic payment based on my monthly expenses, debt to income ratio, and retirement contributions. Yeah I said it, retirement contributions. Boy

Starting my first job has been pretty exciting. And even though my retirement is a long way off, I’ve learned that retirement planning means starting now.

Time is on my side and I’m definitely going to leverage it!


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