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Tips to Run your Business More Efficiently

Grow Your Business

The average entrepreneur spends 68% of their time working “in” their business tackling day-to-day tasks and putting out fires. While 32% of their time is spent working “on” their business long term goals and strategic planning. Running a small business is no small task. The smaller the business the more hats a business owner has to wear.

Here are some simple ways to stay focused on what matters most.

  1. Get Organized
  2. Delegate Responsibilities
  3. Avoid Unnecessary Distractions
  4. Focus on results. Follow the 80/20 rule.
  5. Avoid Multi-tasking
  6. Schedule Downtime
  7. Embrace New Technology
  8. Track Your Finances

Consider these innovative business tools from Central Bank to help run your business more efficiently.

  1. ExpensePoint
    ExpensePoint makes the process of expense reporting fast and simple.
  2. eReceivables
    Automates your credit-to-cash cycle with Artificial Intelligence, workflows, and collaboration to improve cash flow.
  3. Autobooks
    Complete all your digital invoicing and online payment acceptance needs.

If you have questions regarding these products or are interested in knowing how to elevate your business to the next level, our team of experts are ready to help!


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