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Short-term Savings Solutions for Individuals

Whether you’re planning to start an emergency fund or save for a future vacation, our savings account options will not only help you manage your financial goals, but help you achieve them.

Saving for future expenses, or even life’s unknowns, a short term savings account is an essential piece to any savings strategy. Whatever your financial goal may be, there is no better day to start saving than today.

SaveUpSM Savings Account

SaveUpSM Savings Account is your go-to savings accounts with a competitive rate and 24/7 access to your account activity and funds. When you couple your account with USaveFirst, you can grow your savings balance automatically each month.

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Save Towards a Goal Calculator

Are you saving up for a trip abroad, a new car or a vacation home?

It can be difficult to know how much to save each month and how the savings will add up in order to reach your goal. Use our calculator to create a savings plan and track your progress.