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11 Summer Jobs for College Students

Budget and Save

Summer is well on its way. If you’re a college student or even a soon-to-be college student, this means you’re probably looking for a way to make a few extra dollars this summer. With warmer weather and summer breaks, comes the job opportunities that might not be present year-round.

1. Nanny
With school no longer in session, check with your neighbors or family friends with children to see if they have childcare plans for the summer. Put a bug in their ear that you are available and willing to help them out this summer.

2. Landscape Services
Landscape and lawn mowing companies look to hire extra hands in the spring and summer months. Check with your local companies to see if they are looking to hire. If you have your own lawnmower, start with the yards of the homes in your neighborhood.

3. Wash Cars
Check with local car dealerships or create your own flyer. Often a car dealership will hire someone to keep their cars on the lots clean. If you feel like taking more of the entrepreneurial route, create your own flyer and hang it up around town. Word will travel fast and the more places you can put your flyer out there, the better chances are that you'll get some business.

4. Internship
Search for an internship near you. Whether you are just entering college or are a couple years in, the best way to spend your summer would be to get first-hand professional experience. Look for any internship opportunity that can be applicable to your future career. Not all internships are paid, so be sure to ask that question during the interview if you're relying on a paycheck.

5. Grocery Stores
Visit your local grocery store to see if they are looking for seasonal help. With summer comes summer vacations, which means a lot of their year-round employees may be getting out of town and causing them to be short-staffed. It also wouldn't hurt to check with other local sporting goods or specialty stores to see if they are experiencing the same issue.

6. Server
If you're in a tourist town or near a body of water, this time of year tends to be the restaurant busy season. Check with restaurants near you for seasonal server or host position openings.

7. Referee Summer Sports
If you're a sports fan, find out if your local Parks & Rec organization is looking for referees for the summer months. It can be a fun way to do what you love and get out and meet new people. In most cases you'll need a certification; however, it is a pretty simple process to complete.

8. Construction and Roofing
For the handy men and women, check with local construction and roofing companies to see if they are needing any extra help this summer. This is their busy season and they often hire extra help to catch up on any jobs that might be falling behind, especially you're living in an area that experienced a rainy spring.

9. Pet Caregiver
Dog walking, dog sitting, and dog washing are summer opportunities to look into if you're an animal lover. Pets are like babies too and are held near and dear to their owner's hearts. Offer to walk their dogs during the morning hours before the heat of the day sets in. They'll appreciate it, the pups will appreciate it, and you'll get your exercise early.

10. Lifeguard
Local pools and water parks need lifeguards to run their day-to-day operations. Check in with local pools and water parks to see if they have any openings for the summer. Don't forget your sunscreen!

11. Freelance
If you're creative or have a specific niche you are pursuing for your career, use your talent to create an income stream. This could include writing, designing, coding, and more. Start by visiting local businesses in the area with a proposal. Tell them what you can accomplish for their business, your background, and insight into your overall plan. They'll also want to know what you charge and see any examples of previous work, so make sure to bring those items with you on your visit.

Good luck on your job search! Take your time off from school as an opportunity to get out and make some extra cash while doing what you love!


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