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5 Resources to Grow your Money Knowledge

Budget and Save

From podcasts and videos, to games and easy-to-use worksheets, here are five resources to help you grow your knowledge about managing money and your financial journey.

Financial literacy and understanding the tools available to you can be vital to your financial success. Whether or not school is in session, it’s always a good time for everyone to increase their knowledge, especially when it comes to money and finances – here are some sources we at Central Bank endorse for financial literacy.


Central Bank provides a free financial education for everyone through the ProsperU program. Classes change every month and are offered online or in-person. Participants can learn about various financial topics, including the best ways to purchase a new car or learning how to manage money as a couple.

American Institute of CPAs

360 degrees of financial literacy from the American Institute of CPAs provides some great calculators and video content to inform you on your financial standing. With the goal of developing money management skills as a lifelong endeavor, 360 is a great resource to upkeep your financial goals.

American Bankers Association (ABA)

The American Bankers Association provides financial literacy information through it’s consumer resources and banking journal.

The banking journal provides podcasts, articles, and other resources to give you insights into everything finance. The consumer resources help you manage your money with tools that simplify major financial topics like credit and taxes. The ABA’s podcast also provides good insights into the financial journey.

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Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has great information:

Amazing education resources are provided for practitioners to share with their clients, but they can be accessed straight from the source. Webinars, worksheets, audio recordings, and other tools can help you better understand your financial situation. Their podcast is also a great resource.


The FDIC provides resources that can show where you’re at in your financial literacy journey. These resources include games, learning tools, and other resources to highlight what should be most important to you and your financial future. Secondly, they provide educational options to help further your knowledge once you are set on the right path.

Central Bank is always here to help and these resources are a great way to stay up to date on your financial literacy.


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