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5 Smart Apps for Your Home

Budget and Save

Today’s technology is better than ever and it is time that we all learn to use it to our advantage.

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Some gadgets may take time and money to implement, but smart apps are an easy way to use technology to simplify your life. Check out some of our favorite smart apps for your home.


IFTTT is an app that allows users to automate a plethora of other apps and web accounts to work together in one location. The acronym stands for “If this, then that.” The application houses over one billion “applets” that contain recipes designed to make your life easier [1]. For example, you can choose to have IFTTT backup Facebook photos you're tagged in within a special iOS album. IFTTT can also record the daily weather report in your calendar every day at a specific time. You can even track your work hours and have IFTTT store them in the calendar app. The possibilities for automated simplicity are endless with IFTTT.

2. Nest

With the Nest app and an installed Nest thermostat, you can monitor the temperature of your home on the go, from work, or while on vacation. Turn your thermostat off during your impromptu weekend getaway or cool down your humble abode when you invite friends over after the football game. Whatever the situation may be, you can regulate the temperature from the palm of your hand. Nest is compatible with both traditional smartphones, computers, and Nest brand products like their thermostat and security cameras. Nest boasts the ability to automate lights to washing machines, and everything in between, to help users save energy and stay safe [2].

3. Stringify

Stringify aims to boost productivity and user experience by connecting physical and digital aspects of life. The app works with others like IFTTT, iOS calendar, and Facebook to create chains of command for certain actions throughout the day [3]. For example, you can notify friends and family when you are headed home after work by sending a Facebook message to them when you leave your work's designated location after 5:00pm.


The DIRECTV app allows you to take your TV anywhere. This app allows you to stream live TV or watch recorded shows from nearly any device. Take your recorded shows with you by downloading your home DVR right to your phone or tablet [4]. If you're at work and realize you forgot to hit record for the season premiere this evening, have no fear. You can also set your DVR from the app.

5. Wink

Wink connects your home's lights, power, and security in one beautiful interface. It allows you to monitor and manage these aspects of your home from anywhere. Wink is great at connecting smart devices from various top brands so they can seamlessly collaborate [5]. Let Wink do more so that you can do less.

In today's world, it's easy to be overwhelmed. Luckily, we have technology on our side. Once you get over the slight learning curve, you'll realize your smartphone can help you stay organized and on task. This list is just a few of many apps out there to help simplify your life. Take some time to explore your app store, read reviews, and understand how others are using apps to stay organized.

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