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An Outlook on the Evolving Job Market in 2020

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It comes as no surprise that the world is constantly creating innovative technology to impact the global market, thus directly affecting the state of the job market.

In fact, 65 percent of school children today will ultimately end up working in new job types that don’t even exist yet [1]. It’s becoming essential for employers to understand the constantly changing job landscape and adapt to those changes into their organization so that they can grasp future opportunities for their growing business. From an employee perspective, it’s equally as important to understand the employment opportunities that will be available in the future so you can begin to adjust your marketability now. Here is a list of jobs, and their corresponding skillset, that you should keep on your radar for a future career.

Data Analysts, Mathematicians, and Computer Technologists
The imminent growth of technology and artificial intelligence will require knowledgeable individuals to handle the swift changes and interruptions.

There's nothing like human communication and emotional interactions, so having those connections on a global scale will be vital. If there are full-blown robots walking around by the year 2020, they won't be able to provide those social and emotional skills needed to connect with the world around them.

Healthcare Providers and Caregivers
In the past century, U.S. life expectancy at birth has climbed from 47 to 77 years. After age 65, life expectancy for seniors has continued to rise because of technological innovations in the healthcare sector [2]. With the life expectancy of the general population increasing every day, the need for caregivers and healthcare providers increases with it. There will always be a need for healthcare, so naturally there will always be a need for healthcare providers.

It's also important to remember that positive emotional experiences in the healthcare system drive that market sector. Healthcare providers who love their job and form those emotional connections to their patients are more likely to perform better than those who don't.

Product Designers, Architects, and Engineers
One of the top skills that will be in demand by 2020 is creativity [1]. Only humans are capable of producing the creativity needed to design unique products, architecture, and infrastructure. Humans are emotionally tied to nostalgia, so leaving lasting artifacts that are original will be important.

Senior Managers, Human Resource Professionals, and Specialized Salesman
With the loss of jobs due to technological advances, there will be an influx of new jobs to take their place. The rise in new positions will lead to a rise in management and organizational specialists to train those in the new job openings.

Additionally, current employees may need to take on a new skillset to adapt to the changes in their job. Senior managers and human resource professionals would be in charge of teaching their current employees the new trends, such as important traits for a specialized salesman.

Don't let the changing job market catch you off guard in the future. Stay updated on the current trends to make sure you stay marketable for years to come.

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[2] The MacArthur Research Network on an Aging Society


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