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4 Tips for Planning a Birthday Party at Home on a Budget

Budget and Save

When planning a party, booking places like bowling allies and arcades can be convenient, but can be more expensive. If you are up to the challenge, have your party at home. Here are some tips to save some money.

Young girl blowing out candles of her birthday cake

Go digital
U.S. News recommends you consider ditching the paper invitations and going digital. Consider using evites or if you're friends with some of the guests (or their parents) you could make a Facebook invitation [1]. Going digital could save you the money from the store bought invitations. If you are really committed to using paper, then consider making DIY cards. Have your birthday pal help you out for some added fun.

Find a theme
Ask your birthday prince or princess what theme they want for their party. From there, you can then plan accordingly for decorations and desserts. Don't feel inclined to make every single piece of the party the exact characters of a theme. Following the color scheme of a particular movie or genre is also acceptable and much cheaper [2].

Games and activities
The best way to keep the festivities going is by having lots of games and activities on hand to fill the time. If you are a summer party, consider different water games or slides. If your party is on a rainy or chilly night in the winter, think about fun indoor games like freeze dance, where you play music and everyone has to freeze when the music turns off. Also, DIY projects can be fun for audiences that can focus for longer periods of time.

Shop at bargain stores
When you're looking for goodie bags or prizes for game winners, don't feel like you need to spend a lot. Shopping at dollar stores to find prizes probably won't upset any of your party goers, so save some money [3]. Also, consider buying some of your decorations at the dollar store. They have plates, balloons, and streamers cheaply priced, so you'll have a lot of options.


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