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Could That Friend Request be From a Scammer?


Received a Facebook friend request? Think twice before you accept.

Watch out for scammers on social media so you don’t become friended by fraud! They want your money and personal information and they’re good at it!

Scammers love social media because they can pretend to be anyone! They might hack your account, pretend to be you, and fool your friends. They use details from your profile, like your age and interests, to target you and others.

How do you spot social media scams?

  1. Selling Products

    Scammers might target you with an ad for products you might be interested in buying, but after you pay, they take your money and run.
  2. Investment Opportunities

    Scammers might try to sell you a fake investment opportunity, like cryptocurrency.
  3. Romance Scams

    Scammers might even send you a friend request and pretend to be interested in you romantically, but then ask for money.

How to Protect Yourself:

  1. Use privacy setting to control who sees your information and posts.
  2. Don’t respond to messages asking for money or personal information, even if they seem from a friend.
  3. Before you purchase anything, research the company online for any scam reports or complaints.

If you have seen or experienced a scam on social media, tell the FTC at

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