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EMV Chip Card Security


When you use Central Bank’s EMV chip card, you feel more confident. With its increased security it’s no wonder!

Each physical transaction on your EMV card is dynamic; with its own unique authentication data. Further protecting your card from being copied or counterfeited.

The EMV card is user friendly too. Simply insert the chip end of your card into the terminal. Then sign or enter your pin number when prompted. When the reader tells you to remove your card, take your card out of the reader and be on your merry way!

Your EMV card can even be used to access cash at an ATM. Just insert your card into the reader, and input your desired cash amount. Then, simply take the card out of the reader and your cash will be dispensed.

Move forward knowing that your finances will be secured with Central Bank’s EMV chip card.

Central Bank. Strong roots. Endless possibilities.

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