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5 Types of Online Video to Market Your Small Business

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It’s no surprise video continues to grow in the website and social space. From tutorials to testimonials, video content can be used to promote any company, service, or product in essentially any industry. Small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs are even stepping up their game with the addition of live videos on their existing social media presence.

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Part of this is due to the increased usage of mobile. Mobile provides increased accessibility to consumers when researching solutions, comparing reviews, and finding a nearby location. With the enhanced capabilities of mobile devices, it's now easier than ever to create quality video.

1. How-to videos

From fixing a leaky sink to making the perfect French toast, how-to videos are all over the Internet. The convenience and clarity of watching someone complete a task through a video simply cannot compare to the process of reading an article or a physical manual. In a world of DIY and search engine optimization, how-to videos not only drive traffic to your website, they also provide meaningful education to a consumer.

2. Product tutorials

When you're launching a new product or service, spread the word with a product tutorial. It will give the consumer a glimpse of what you've been working on or what's coming soon. Product tutorials should inform and educate by answering questions before the consumer has a chance to get dazed or confused.

3. Customer testimonials

Personal experience through the art of storytelling helps the consumer relate their individual situation with the person in the testimonial. When creating a testimonial, be sure to include two components - the problem and the solution, with the solution being your product and/or service. The testimonial should show how your product or services affected the life of the individual in the testimonial, providing accountability to your company mission or product promise.

4. Expert interviews

Create content coming from the source themselves - the expert. Whether the expert is you, your hiring manager, or your social media guru, get the expert on camera in a conversational setting. This will enable you to show off your company expertise.

5. Live videos

With Facebook Live, Instagram, and Snapchat, live video is taking over social feeds of every industry - retail, finance, news, nonprofits, and more. From live events to product launches, businesses are not scared to take their brand live and unscripted.

The key to any video is to keep it short, sweet, and to the point. Attention spans are strung thin in today's world, so it's important you grasp and keep the focus of your audience.


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