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Get Involved: How to Help the Community and Grow Your Small Business

Grow Your Business

When customers realize that you genuinely care, they become more inclined to shop at your business. Learn about the importance of being involved with your community.

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The success of your small business relies on the community around you. By giving back to your community through your time and money, your community will want to give back to you.

Host contests on social media

Utilizing social media and giving back to the community? Kill two birds with one stone. There are a variety of ways you can structure this type of contest-it's completely up to you. For instance, you could create a Facebook post encouraging engagement and comments with a gift card incentive to your local business. Alter the rules and the prizes as you wish, with a goal of growing your social media following and give back to the community. Keep in mind, it is always important to have your contest rules reviewed from a legal perspective.


This is a great way not only to show your community that you care, but also to build employee morale and increase team building. Consider breaking away from the normal schedule and offer your employees the opportunity to volunteer at a local food bank or community garden. Your employees will be grateful for the chance to give back, and your community will notice, too.

Set up booths at events

Whether it's a festival, a parade, whatever, just be there. This is your chance to directly interact with the public. Bring some genuine smiles and get to know the faces of your customers. Give away company gear, like a free t-shirt or some candy to those who give you their contact information for a future lead.


Donating to a charity can be tied to almost all of the above tactics. Pick an organization that aligns with your business to help build your brand. If you're a hair salon, partner with a group that donates hair to children with hair loss due to medical treatments. If you're a restaurant, consider teaming up with the local food bank. You can incorporate this into your social media contests and volunteering, as well!

You are small but you can be mighty. Make it a priority that the community sees you in a good light. Not only is this a good business practice, but giving back will make you feel great too.


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