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How VR is Changing Business

Grow Your Business

Virtual Reality (VR) looks to make a monumental change in this digital 21st century. Though it’s been around since the 1980s, VR has made it known that this time is different. With the ability to bring people to places they were never able to go, VR has the opportunity to change the way that businesses run.

Virtual reality

Medically, doctors are able to explore the inside of the human body and examine illnesses that they couldn't before. Sensitive surgeries can be taken on a real life test-run to ensure that surgeons operate properly [1].

Commercially, companies are able to allow consumers to experience their products before they buy. Hotels can be tested, houses can be toured, and cruise ships can be explored, opening an entirely new way to promote your business [1].

Virtually, games are enhanced to a new level. With gamers able to experience in what feels almost real, gaming systems are looking to incorporate VR as soon as possible. Now that VR headsets are nausea-free and have better graphics, gamers are right in the action. Also, people are able to explore and travel through their headsets. Consumers are able to travel through the ocean and swim with sharks, or ski down the mountains of Yosemite National Park [1].

Small Business Trends outlined a list of ways that businesses can incorporate VR [2]:

  • Create virtual prototypes of your products
  • Virtually engineer designs
  • Offer virtual tours of a location
  • Let customers see all angles of a product
  • Teach employees how to use expensive equipment
  • Give customers a taste of adventure
  • Create interactive games


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