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Increase the Value of Your Home


Finding the perfect home improvement project can be tricky. While a renovation should add comfort and convenience to a property, as a homeowner, you should also do your best to pick a project that adds value to your home.

But where should you start?

Homeowners should work their way from the inside out. The majority of potential buyers are most interested in the major systems of a home - electrical, plumbing, heating, and sewer - before they dive any deeper into learning about other areas of the home. If those systems are up to current standards, homeowners should then consider tackling a remodeling project in the kitchen or the bathroom.

New kitchen appliances are always a plus, but even something like replacing or refinishing the cabinets can make a very positive impression on prospective buyers. In the bathroom, homeowners should consider updating the fixtures or adding new flooring to make their homes more appealing.

An infographic outlining how to properly invest in the value of a home

Know the Rewards

There are many ways to invest in your home, but increasing its value with cost-effective home improvements is one of the best, both immediately and over time. You’ll refresh your property while improving its home equity value. So which projects have the best return on investment (ROI)?

Focus on the Inside First

  • Update Indoor Systems: Plumbing, electrical, and heating systems should be on par with current requirements - buyers want assurance that the basics are in order.
  • Repaint: Neutral wall colors are easier to furnish and allow prospective buyers to better picture themselves living in the space
  • Modernize the Bathroom: Bringing one of the most visited rooms up to current standards will make your home more appealing - nobody wants outdated fixtures.
  • Update the Kitchen: Even simple projects such as replacing the cabinetry can make the home look warmer and more welcoming.

Improve the Curb Appeal

  • Replace the Siding: If your home’s exterior has seen better days, siding replacement can return as much as 103.6% in investment, depending on the type of siding you use.
  • Landscaping: Give your property an all-around facelift by investing in flowers, shrubbery, or a walkway leading to the door.
  • New Front Door: First impressions are powerful - make a bold statement by putting in a front door that’s both welcoming and striking.

Adding to your home can be a fun but exhausting process. Make sure to watch your budget and beware of potential scams. In the end, you will have a house that you will want to spend time in, and one that potential buyers will love to see!


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