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The Best Home Renovation Projects for ROI


When renovating your house, some projects are better for your return on investment (ROI) than others

A couple installing new cabinets in their kitchen

Whether you are remodeling your current home or a house you will sell, keep in mind which projects will be the best.

What Projects are Best?

When searching for a new home, new buyers want the home to look and feel updated. Making sure that your home systems such as the HVAC are updated will almost always provide you with a high ROI. People want to know that their home is going to stay healthy and up and running for a long time.

If your house’s unseen systems are updated, the next thing you should focus on would be starting your updates from the outside in. The first impression people get of your house is important. Updating things like your garage door, front door, and siding can make people want to go inside and see what else your home has to offer.

Once people are inside your home, having the main spaces renovated can help continue to draw people in. Doing a basic kitchen remodel can help give the house an overall newer feel. It’s likely that the kitchen will be one of the most used rooms in a house, so make it a space you enjoy! Another room that has a good ROI is updating your bathroom. You will be spending a lot of time here as well, so make it a space you enjoy by updating countertops, flooring, or lighting.

What Projects to Avoid?

Making any type of update on your home might seem like an improvement, but some projects have a much better ROI than others.

Putting in an in-ground swimming pool can be a lot of fun, but it is also a lot of work. Houses with pools attract a certain age range of families and could potentially turn people away from buying. Pools are expensive and the enjoyment might not be worth it for everyone.

Adding bright colors, texture, or any over-personalized renovation might also turn people away from your home. If you are renovating with the intent to sell, keep your colors and styles neutral to attract a wider audience.

With this in mind, you are ready to get to renovating! Make sure that you make the most out of your renovation, whether it is you or a professional taking it on.


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