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The 5 W’s of Pet Insurance

Budget and Save

According to a recent survey, 95 percent of Americans consider their pet to be a part of their family [1]. With that in mind, the thought of your pet needing emergency medical attention can be unbearable and devastating. That’s why many people are opting to add pet insurance to their plan. Here’re the answers to the five W’s of pet insurance.

What: What exactly is pet insurance?
Think of it like your own health insurance, but for Garfield and Odie. Depending on the type of coverage you've chosen, you'll receive some type of reimbursement when your pet gets sick or injured.

Who: How does breed affect pet insurance coverage?
The cost of coverage is dependent on a lot of different things, and one of those things is your animal's breed. Let's say you're a proud parent of a loveable golden retriever. You're looking at a possible average of $46 a month. But if you've got a mixed breed, that price drops to $38 a month. These prices vary because some breeds are more susceptible to illness and injury [2].

Where: Is the cost adjusted based on where I live?
It sure is. The most expensive state for pet insurance is New York at $48 a month. Good news for Dorothy and Toto-Kansas comes in at the least expensive at $33 a month. Prices are dependent on your location because of the cost of living in your zip code and specific risk factors for your pet in your area [2].

When: When is the best time for me to invest in pet insurance?
Early. Your pet's age also affects the cost of your coverage. Animals tend to be more susceptible to illness and injury as they grow older, and most policies don't cover preexisting conditions [3]. So, if you think pet insurance is right for you, you shouldn't waste any time. Save money and purchase pet insurance when they're young.

Why: Why should I invest in pet insurance?
For your peace of mind. No one wants to think about their animal getting sick. It's even worse to imagine not being able to pay for their treatment. When you get pet insurance, you'll have one less thing to worry about.

The decision of whether or not to get pet insurance is very personal. It doesn't make sense for everyone, but for some people, it could be a lifesaver. Research different providers and policies online and see if any of them are right for you and your furry friend. You should also talk to your vet-they can provide an expert opinion. Whatever your decision may be, it's important to make sure it is informed.


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