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Ways to Improve Your Smart Home’s Security


It’s time to give your smart home a privacy check-up.

Man opening door of his house using home automation system.

In today’s digital age, there are countless devices you can purchase for your home to enhance security and safety. By now, there is a great chance you might own a recording device, monitor, digital doorbell, or any other home security gadget.

That being said, protecting the privacy of your home doesn’t stop with the purchase of a new product. There are many tips to keep in mind to maintain the security and safety of your household. Below are four ways you can improve the security of your smart home.

  1. Always change the default password

    Many times, devices will come with a password that is default – it’s important to create a password that is unique to only that device. An example of this is an internet router. When creating a password, it’s advisable to make it complex, somewhat lengthy, and avoid using names or common personal information. This will help secure your network and protect from outside intrusion.
  2. Enable proper privacy settings

    It’s valuable to understand what control you have over privacy and information usage. Many accounts beyond social media have privacy settings that should be reviewed and enabled (or disabled) accordingly. By reviewing your settings, you will be able to determine who can see your account information or choose to opt-out of having your data collected and stored by the system manufacturer.
  3. Research before you buy

     We live in a world with many options and models to choose from. This is a good problem to have but can make finding the right system for your home a daunting challenge. When searching for a device or system that checks all the right boxes for you and your personal space, you should take the time to research the company, device, or system. Reading product reviews, noting how the device stores information, and discovering what kind of reputation the manufacturer has will help narrow down your decision when selecting a home security device.
  4. Keep your devices up to date

    The easiest way to stay on top of software updates is to turn on automatic software updates within your device settings. Keeping your device updated will ensure your device or system is working as it should. Additionally, be aware of when it might be time to upgrade your old security devices – newer models might offer higher security for your home.

There are countless ways to continue improving your smart home’s security. By following these tips, you’re well on your way to enhancing the safety of your family and yourself.

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