Adjustable-Rate Mortgage

An Adjustable-Rate Mortgage (ARM) is a great financing solution for flexible payment options through the life of your home loan. We have competitive rates and know your market like the back of our hand.

For homebuyers that plan to stay in a particular house or area for only 3-5 years, an Adjustable-Rate Mortgage is the borrowing solution that will align with your timeline. The interest rates of an Adjustable-Rate Mortgage reflect the current state of the market.

Benefits of an Adjustable-Rate Mortgage:
  • A lower initial interest than most fixed rate loans
  • Lower payments at the beginning of the loan
  • A good choice for short-term buyers
  • Your interest rate is determined by market conditions – if rates increase, so does your payment and if rates decrease, so could your payment
  • There are no penalties for paying extra principal on your loan
  • You choose the life of your loan

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