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4 Bachelorette Party Ideas from Cheap to Pricey

Budget and Save

Amid all the wedding planning, a bachelorette party is a well-known tradition of celebrating the bride’s last night out as a single lady with her closest friends and family. While you’re celebrating the bride, it also provides an opportunity to get everyone together for well-deserved break with a fun, memorable night.

Friends at a bachelorette party

It can be hard deciding on what to do, especially because it depends on how much everyone is willing to spend. Here are four levels of bachelorette parties, ranging from cheap to pricey to help you decide on your destination!

1. DIY Bachelorette ($). Let's face it. Weddings are expensive, and the bride and bridal party may have already emptied out all their pockets by the time the bachelorette party rolls around. There's nothing wrong with deciding to keep it at home to save a few bucks in preparation for the wedding. If someone from the bridal party is willing to host a night in, there are plenty of activities you can do to keep the gals entertained for the night (i.e., make flower crowns for the big day, binge watch wedding-related movies, or a trivia and game night). Top it off with a few bottles of wine or champagne and you have the perfect last slumber party with the bride as a Miss.

2. Staying in State ($$). Sometimes it's enough to just take a trip out of town. Taking a short car ride or train ride to a rural towns such as Hermann, MO with a close group of friends is a great middle ground for a wedding party that wants to spend on the lower side of the price range. Throughout the year Hermann, or Missouri's little slice of Germany, offers “Wine Trails” where groups can buy tickets to take tours of wineries located in the area. Staying at one of Hermann's bed and breakfast inns can be a nice way to celebrate the impending nuptials.

3. Hit the Road ($$$). Taking the party out-of-state to one of the more classic bachelorette destinations is always an option on the table for those bridal parties that aren't afraid to spend a little more money on the celebration. Going to New Orleans or Las Vegas to take the girls out on the town will be a blast, but drink and hotel prices in these areas can quickly add up. With additional travel and hotel fees, a longer road trip can quickly add up which puts this kind of bachelorette party on the pricier side of the scale.

4. Out of Country ($$$$). For the big buck spending bridal parties, going out of the country is a viable option. Whether it is Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, or Vancouver, Canada, a trip of a lifetime is guaranteed. It is often hard to coordinate trips of this enormity due to conflicting schedules and bridal party members having different economic abilities. However, if you plan months ahead of time and ensure that your bridal party is financially prepared, your bachelorette abroad should run smoothly.

The bachelorette party is a fun way to celebrate the bride and the hard work of the bridesmaids. From a sleepover to stay-over in Cabo, no matter the scale of grandeur, the bachelorette party is about celebrating the union of your friend and to create new memories and adventure.

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