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4 Steps to Help You Plan For a Disaster

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Don’t be caught unaware when a disaster appears in your area. Put a plan together for you and your family, so when the time comes everyone will know how to act.

Below are four steps that you can follow to build an apt emergency plan.

Step 1: The questions that need to be asked

These are questions you should discuss with your loved ones in order to create a plan of action that everyone can follow:

1. How will I receive emergency alerts and warnings?
2. What is my shelter plan?
3. What is my evacuation route?
4. What is my family/household communication plan?

Step 2: Know the needs of your household

In the wake of an emergency you may be in a panic too. It is important to come up with a list of things that the members of your family need in relation to assistance and survival. So, when the time does come you are not reeling to figure out what you need to grab.

Things to consider:

  • Dietary needs
  • Disabilities
  • Medical needs (medication and equipment)
  • Pets and/or service animals
  • Cultural or religious considerations


Step 3: Fill out a family emergency plan

Download and fill out the family emergency plan below, or use it as a guide to make your own custom emergency plan. Once you have one made for your family be sure that everyone will have a copy on hand. Some of it will include: important contact information, the number for different hospitals, and meeting points for different disaster scenarios.

Emergency Plan

Step 4: Practice makes perfect

Be sure to review and rehearse the emergency plan with your family to ensure that come the time, and the place, they will be ready to act.

Make a Plan,

an infographic outlining questions to consider when preparing for a natural disaster

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