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How to Earn Extra Income During Tight Times

Budget and Save

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Sometimes trying to think of an easy way to earn more money can be a tricky task. However, thinking about your skills or interests in a different way is a good first step. Check out these tips to put more money in your wallet when you need it most.

Declutter Your Home and Clean Out Your Closet

Declutter your space by cleaning out your closet and selling your old clothes! With different apps designed for secondhand selling, such as Facebook Marketplace, Poshmark, or Depop, this can be an easy way to make money, and free up space in your closet! While you're going through your personal belongings, look for old phones or electronics you can trade in for cash. Check out Amazon’s trade-in program or look for the nearest ecoATM kiosk for ways to earn cash.

Food Delivery

If you have some time on your hands, delivering food is a fast-paced, easy way to earn more money. Many people are ordering takeout via different mobile apps such as Grubhub or UberEats, or needing groceries delivered, and this can mean more money for you.

Sell Your Creations

Use your favorite creating or building hobbies and sell your creations! If you enjoy woodworking, t-shirt making, knitting, painting, or if you are a collector, there are different websites or apps, such as Etsy or Facebook Marketplace, where you can sell your creations. Explore your creativity, and maybe you’ll discover a new favorite hobby!


Whether you’re a college student or a recent retiree, consider making extra money by looking after other people's children. Ask your friends and family if they know of anyone who is looking to hire a sitter, or check out childcare opportunities on websites such as

Freelance Work

If you enjoy designing graphics, running social media accounts, or writing, you could look into online spaces such as for freelance work. Many companies are ramping up their digital presence, and if you have the skills or knowledge in that area, it can be a good opportunity to expand your resume.


You don’t need a fancy camera, or expensive equipment to get started with photography. If you’re new to taking pictures and want to build your portfolio, grab a few friends for an impromptu session. Or if you’re a seasoned photographer, consider how else you can expand your skills or photograph a new audience or genre. Whatever your skill level, remember to have fun!


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