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3 Tips to Keep Employees Engaged and Happy

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A large number of small business owners are faced with uncertainty when it comes to keeping employees happy and engaged, according to a recent study from Deloitte, a leader in human capital consulting.

Deloitte's annual report "Global Human Capital Trends 2019" stated 84 percent of business leaders have the goal to put meaning back into the work place for their employees and to change the work environment from an “employee experience” to now be a “human experience.” What this really boils down to be is that businesses want happy and fulfilled employees, something that may require changes in order to be achieved. 

There’s just one major question here: How? How do employers increase engagement and happiness and ensure their employees feel like valued humans? How can this be measured? And how will this overall affect work performance?

1. Improve employee satisfaction

When an employee is engaged and satisfied in the workplace, he or she is much more likely to have a vested interest in their employer and will be less likely to leave for another job.

In poll of more than 850 U.S. employees, The Workforce Institute at Kronos Incorporated found a simple phrase could make all the difference in the world: Thank you.

The study stated appreciation and positive recognition from management tends to spur engagement. Working alongside coworkers with a positive frame of mind also has a similar impact. The study added employees who received a "Thank you" from their manager were twice as likely to find satisfaction at work as when receiving public recognition for a job well done.

But positive feedback from fellow employees provided the most satisfaction. Seventy percent of respondents said receiving positive acknowledgement from coworkers provided the greatest sense of satisfaction.

2. Make investments in employees

Invest in your greatest asset - your employees. Solid employees are a company's greatest asset, according to Forbes, which is why harboring a strong manager-employee relationship can make a difference.

"There are significant shifts happening in the global workplace that business must actively manage," Brett Walsh, Deloitte's global human capital practice leader, said. "In addition to workers' changing expectations of employers, skills needed on the job are changing faster than ever. Organizations are quickly falling behind on developing the right skills across all levels."

Walsh said organizations need to place an emphasis on leadership development and employee learning programs. This will not only keep employees engaged, but also keep your hardworking employees from feeling burnt out and static.

3. Keep the office flexible and fun 

It's important that a company has a positive atmosphere that is supportive for employees and promotes creative thinking and collaboration among all. After all, a positive work environment creates a desire to accomplish the tasks of the day with enthusiasm.

According to the 2019 study by The Workforce Institute at Kronos, one of the top six predictions for HR practices in 2019 was that today’s employees expect workplace flexibility. Employees feel most respected when their time is also respected. Not all workers are satisfied working 9-5 in an office every day and because employees are humans, unexpected events also happen from time to time. So when an employee feels supported and able to successfully work on their own time when needed, then they will become appreciative and loyal to their employer that understands their time needs. 

Also, one of the top five workplace trends for 2017 was the priority to focus on the office experience to drive increased engagement. Data from the poll suggests that most organizations spend more on recruiting new talent rather than developing the top talent they already have within their organization. In order to make this happen and retain talent within a company, resources must be added, dollars must be spent, and managers must be all in.

What does this mean for you as an owner or business manager? Look for ways to make the office experience more rewarding more transparent, and more fulfilling. Understand what motivates and drives your employees by gathering feedback from within the office and taking action from what you learn.


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