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Five Tips to Keep Employees Engaged in a Hybrid Work World

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A hybrid work schedule offers flexibility, reduction in travel costs and office spaces. Learn how to keep your employees motivated.

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Hybrid work roles are becoming more popular throughout the nation, in both urban and rural communities. While managing a team of hybrid employees offers many opportunities for both employees and the business, it also comes with challenges – especially when you’re the one managing a hybrid team along with already running the day-to-day of your business. If hybrid is new for your business, or you are considering a hybrid work option for employees, start with these five tips to keep your team engaged.

1. Set aside intentional time to connect with your employees

Offering a hybrid work environment for your team, will often mean your team is coming and going. It is important for you to make it a priority to meet with each member of your team on a recurring basis. Find out how they are doing, what’s working in the hybrid environment, and what’s not working in this new structure. Take this time to communicate expectations, such as how to track projects, when to check in, and how you will measure success.

2. Encourage occasional in-person meetings between employees

Just as meeting with your employees routinely is important, it’s equally as important for your team members to have in-person meetings to discuss opportunities, brainstorm together, or talk through any concerns. While technology can make connecting virtually seamless, it can also create barriers and can keep team members from having meaningful interactions and problem-solving discussions. Certain topics are better and easier to discuss face-to-face.

3. Create a workplace culture that values learning and development

Learning and development is not only important for your employees, but also for the growth of your business. Encourage your team to pursue training opportunities while on the clock. This could mean listening to a podcast or attending a conference of an industry partner. Have your employees share their experience and thoughts with the rest of the team. New skills and perspectives often lead to productive brainstorming sessions and team-building opportunities.

4. Document team processes and make them accessible to every team member

With some employees in the office and some employees online, it’s a good practice (even when you’re all in the office) to have every process documented. This includes team processes and individual processes. Not only will this help you in the event a team member is promoted or changes roles, but it will also help with creating intention behind every task your team performs. You may even find that some processes are no longer necessary in a hybrid world.

5. Offer competitive employee benefits and services to retain quality employees

Keeping your employees engaged in a hybrid world is no small feat. Hats off to you for offering a flexible work environment. Now that you have a great team and are invested in creating an engaged and team-focused culture, you probably want to keep them, right? Consider offering an employee benefit plan – this will imply that you’re not only invested in your team now, but in their future. Benefits such as cafeteria plans, health savings accounts, or retirement options are not guaranteed from employers, so offering these to your employees will help you stand out among the rest. You may even consider offering your employees equity. Profit sharing can increase motivation of employees, while adding a sense of ownership and investment in the overall success of your business.

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