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Maximizing Credit Card Rewards During the Holidays

Budget and Save

Get ready for the holiday season with essential tips on how to make the most of your credit card rewards amidst increased spending on travel, dining, and festivities.

Do you want to learn how to take advantage of your holiday spending? With a few simple tips you can maximize your credit card rewards during big spending times like the holidays.

How to Build Rewards with Holiday Spending:

Most credit cards offer one point per dollar spent but you can get multiple points per dollar in special categories like travel, groceries, or restaurants, depending on your rewards. Typically credit cards offer more rewards than debit cards. So, if you are looking to build your rewards, holiday shopping is the perfect time to use your credit card.

  • Travel: The holiday season is considered one of the busiest travel times during the year, making airlines raise prices. If your card offers travel rewards you can earn more points towards future travel by booking flights with that card.
  • Groceries: This is also the perfect time to rack up those grocery and restaurant points! If your card has grocery points and you like to cook for the holidays, make sure to buy your food with that card so you can get extra rewards.
  • Restaurants: If you prefer to get your holiday food from a restaurant, most cards with grocery points also have restaurant points. Either way, this is the perfect time to build up those points for future rewards!
  • Supplies: If you're missing some supplies for your holiday dinner, see if your card offers any extra points with retailers so you can build points and get the items you need.

Infographic Your Future Rewards

Your Future Rewards:

While you're building up your points with travel, groceries, and restaurants, think about how you plan to use those points in the future. If you are working towards a goal for your rewards, holiday spending is the best time to build up points.

  • Cash Back: If you have been working towards a cash back reward or have a cash back card, this is a great time to build up points. You can get cash back to pay for those Thanksgiving grocery bills or to prepare early for Christmas presents.
  • Travel: If you have a travel card or travel rewards, you can book Holiday flights with points or build up points by booking flights. Then you can put those rewards towards an enjoyable Christmas or New Years getaway!
  • Merchandise and Gift Cards: Big spending times are a great way to build up points to get merchandise or gift cards. Shopping for your holiday essentials with these cards will earn you bonus points, allowing you to redeem even more exciting rewards. Gift cards and merchandise earned through rewards also serve as fantastic gifts!

Whether you’re booking flights, buying gifts, or enjoying festive meals, understanding how to leverage your credit card rewards can lead to significant savings and exciting perks! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make your holiday season more enjoyable and budget-friendly.

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