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Planning an Extended Family Getaway

Budget and Save

Holiday get-togethers with your whole family are great, but they only happen once or twice a year. Taking a vacation with your extended family is a great way to spend fun quality time with everyone for a week or two at a time. When planning this big trip don’t forget to consider some of these key things to make the planning and execution as smooth as possible.

Plan Ahead - You already know from planning Christmas with your entire family how hard picking one day can be, so imagine the time it takes to work out an entire week. In a study done by they found that the best time to book a flight is 54 days in advance [1]. So be sure to get your dates and destination set early!

Involve Everyone - You'll want to be in agreeance with everyone on where and when you are going. If you have young kids you'll also want to make sure it is kid-friendly, but also still have things the adults and grandparents can enjoy too.

An infographic outlining possible places to take an extended family getaway

Be Aware of Everyone's Finances - When planning a large group trip make sure to keep in mind every family's budget. Sometimes these trips are paid for as a gift from grandparents or another family member, but there are always unexpected expenses to consider as well [2]. No one wants to go on a vacation where they can only do the minimum because of their budget, and watch other members of the party taking every excursion possible.

Communicate Packing - Since everyone will be traveling to the same place, not everyone needs to bring their own hairdryer. Talk to your other family members to see who wants to bring what for everyone to share.

Look into Alternative Housing - Hotels are great for small family trips, but when you are traveling with 10 plus people renting a house or condo may be the better option. Some great website to search for rentals include Airbnb, VRBO, and HomeAway.

Consider a Travel Agent - Planning a large trip can be very stressful and hard to find all the best travel and lodging deals. Travel agents can take a lot of stress off of you, and they are educated and experienced on how to provide you with the best possible vacation for your family and your family's investment into it [3]. If you decide that you would like to consider using a travel agent, Central Travel offers many amenities and experienced agents who can find the best vacation to suit your family's needs.

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