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Script A “soccer mom” is checking out at the grocery store. Things are very quiet and normal. Female checker absently scans items. Bland Muzak plays in background. Teen boy bags items vacantly.

CHECKER:  $32.75

Mom inserts her Tiger Checking debit card into chip reader, as we cut to a rapid-fire montage of Tiger fandom that compresses all the excitement of Tiger sports into seven seconds. We see quick glimpses of everything from fans going crazy, to Golden Girls and black and gold pom-poms, team huddles and the roar of a Bengal tiger. It’s a blur of activity!

Cut to the card leaving the reader and suddenly it all stops and we’re back to reality...Except for strands of black and gold confetti that fill the air and float all around the mom and checker.

CHECKER:  Tiger Fan?

MOM:  How’d you guess?

Cut to bag boy who now has full tiger face paint but is unaware of it. Confetti continues to stream down.

BAG BOY:  Whoa.

Cut to Tiger Checking art card.

ANNCR:  Show the world your true colors with Tiger Checking from Central Bank.

Cut to Central Bank art card.

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