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What Loans are Ginnie-Mae Approved?


Did you know that if your bank is approved by Ginnie Mae, they can handle your loans directly? Learn about the different types of Ginnie-Mae loans.

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If your bank is a Ginnie-Mae approved issuer, it can be more convenient to work directly with your bank if you have any issues, and make payments directly to it. Understanding mortgages can be a bit tricky. Here are Ginnie-Mae approved loans that can make buying a home easier.

  • USDA Loan (United States Department of Agriculture)

    Settling down in a rural area doesn’t mean you have to settle for a higher mortgage. Enjoy 100% financing and avoid monthly mortgage insurance with a USDA loan. From minimal down payments to no maximum purchase price, a USDA loan may be the best choice for your future home. Your ability to qualify for a USDA home loan depends on where your current or future property is located and your household income.
  • VA Loan (Veterans Affairs):

    If you are a member of the United States military, a veteran, or a qualified surviving spouse, you could qualify for a VA Loan. This special loan is supported by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and can be utilized for purchasing or refinancing a home. It offers numerous advantages to service members as a recognition of their commitment, including the acceptance of lower credit scores and 100% financing.
  • FHA Loan (Federal Housing Administration):

    Enjoy the benefits of a low down payment and easier qualification with an FHA Loan. An FHA Loan is a government-backed mortgage that appeals to first-time homebuyers looking for a home with a minimal down payment, as it accommodates lower credit scores. You don't have to be a first-time homebuyer to get one, and they're great for folks who had a hard time getting a home loan before.
  • 184 “Native American” Financing:

    The 184 "Native American" Financing offers a low down payment, created specifically for American Indian, Alaska Native Families, Alaska Villages, Tribes, or Tribally Designated Entities.

No matter your situation, our goal is to help. Talk to a local mortgage officer in your community to discover more about your loan options and find what works best for you.

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