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What to Consider When Your Child Turns 18-Years-Old

Life Events

Do you have a kid turning 18-years-old? Congratulations! So now that you have an official adult child, what are the financial, medical, and legal changes in your parental rights? Here’s what you need to know.

One minute you’re teaching them how to walk, and the next they’re saving up to buy a car. Where did the years go?! Here are some things to know when it comes to parental rights of having an 18-year-old.

Post-high school education

The FERPA Disclosure stands for Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. Basically, the FERPA Disclosure gives students the right to inspect their educational records before giving consent to disclose that information.

Medical and legal privacy

Have you heard of medical and durable power of attorney? These legal documents allow control over important medical, financial, and legal matters for your adult child.

Something else to consider is HIPAA. HIPAA is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. HIPAA protects the confidential handling of a person’s health information. For parents, it’s important to know your state’s unique HIPAA protections and requirements.
In addition, your 18-year-old can now register to vote! While voting isn’t required by law, it’s an important part of any democracy, and now your young adult has the opportunity for their voice to be heard.

Living on their own

There are a few things to consider lifestyle-wise for your adult child. They now have the ability to purchase and own property, woo! As well as some obligations, like registering for the draft. As they start out on their own, help them consider their future and what they want. Whether it’s pursuing higher education or starting their own business – or anything under the sun! – make sure they’ve considered being more financially independent.

Handling their own finances

You’ve likely introduced your adult kid into the world of financial responsibility before now, but with turning 18, your adult child has more financial opportunity. Making sure they are budgeting properly, understanding a lease and insurance, student and car loans, and buying property.

Also, while it’s not fun to think about, be sure to remember the implications of committing a crime as an adult…
It’s an exciting time for you and your child as they continue their journey into adulthood. You’ve done your part in giving them strong roots… now, their possibilities are endless!


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