Todd’s a husband, father of three, car nut, mountain biker, borderline workaholic, consummate overachiever, reformed introvert, survivor, and a persnickety little perfectionist. He grew up an only child with an Army Dad and lives by a simple motto: “If I’m on time, I’m late and if I’m early, I’m on time.” Now that’s a recipe for a ridiculously awesome mortgage guy!

Todd has worked in the Triangle Area of North Carolina since early 2002 and developed a solid reputation as an industry expert. Dozens of local realtors and thousands of past clients nationwide count on him as their trusted mortgage advisor for three key reasons:

1. Communication. He passionately believes in the power of a thoughtfully crafted process fueled by meaningful communication. From start to finish, questions are answered before they’re asked, information is properly conveyed, and everyone’s needs and emotions are addressed at just the right time. Todd knows there are very few problems in lending, or in life for that matter, that can’t be solved by proactive and clear communication.

2. Experience. Wild stories in Real Estate never cease to amaze and no one has seen it all, but 99% of the time Todd has seen it before and knows exactly what to do.

3. Hard wiring. If it is worth doing, it is worth doing right and Todd cringes at the thought of any other way. Mortgage lending is mega-complicated and the rules are forever changing. It takes a certain personality to wrangle it…and an even more special one to love it enough to master it!

Whether you’re a first time buyer, a seasoned investor, or anything in between, Todd is poised and ready to put all of this to work for you. Spoiler alert: He just may knock your socks off, so bring an extra pair!