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How to Reduce Your Paper Trail with Central Bank

Budget and Save

Going green has many benefits – it saves trees and can even save you money. Little things can add up quick and you don’t have to make major changes in your life in order to be greener. Here are five easy, but effective ways to go green in your everyday life.

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  1. Sign up for electronic statements Electronic statements not only save paper, but they also eliminate the risk of someone taking the documents out of your mailbox or trash bin. When you enroll in eStatements, you can view your account statements, mortgage statements, and tax documents at any time via Online or Mobile Banking. All of your documents are conveniently stored in one location and are available for up to seven years.
  2. Check your home or business for simple fixes – There are several improvements that you can make to be greener in all areas of your home, from the bathroom to your office. For example, fix the leaky faucets in your kitchen and bathroom to reduce the amount of water you use. Save on your energy bill and protect your electronics in case of a power outage by plugging your electronics into a surge protector. For your air conditioning and clothing dryer, save money on your power bill by cleaning out vents and replacing filters. Little things here and there can save you money in the long run.
  3. Make your payments online – Your time is as valuable as money, so save a trip to the post office, as well as money on stamps and envelopes with the help of an online and mobile bill pay service. Easily manage and edit all of your monthly payments from one convenient location with Online Banking or the Central Bank Mobile App.
  4. Fill your inbox, not your mailbox – When out shopping and asked your mailing address or email address, opt to receive emails rather than physical mail. Not only will you reduce the clutter on your kitchen table, but you will also have one convenient place that holds your shopping coupons to save you money on your next retail adventure.
  5. Pay a friend from your smartphone – How often are you out and about with a friend, but without cash or your checkbook? Rather than playing the waiting game with your money, know exactly where your money is with a person-to-person payment service. All you need is their email address or mobile number. Not only is it convenient, but you also save yourself a trip to the bank or ATM.

Going green doesn’t have to be drastic changes in your day-to-day. Digital banking is changing the way people bank all over the world - making your life easier, providing enhanced security benefits, and making the world a little bit greener.

Enroll in Electronic Statements

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