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Getting Prequalified for a Mortgage


When you’re ready to find a house to call home, it’s a good time to get prequalified.

Mortgage prequalification is an important initial step in the homebuying process. Once you’re prequalified, you’ll have a better idea of the amount of the home you can afford, based on what you’ve shared with us, helping narrow down your search for the house that fits you, and your wallet, just right.

Prequalification is not a loan commitment. It simply gives you an estimate of the amount you can borrow based on the information you provide in your mortgage application. Although there is no commitment or actual money involved in the mortgage prequalification, it’s crucial that you’re honest and open about your employment and credit history.

Once you’ve decided to proceed with a loan, you’ll have to provide financial information indicating you’re ability to repay the mortgage. Typically, you’ll need at least two years of tax returns, about six months of bank statements, your most recent pay stubs that show employment and income, and any current investment statements.

Central Bank is your go-to for your new home loan. We’re local and know your market, we have super smooth technology to streamline all of your information from start to finish, and we’re easy to work with!

Getting prequalified is easy, and can be done at any Central Bank location or online.

Get Prequalified Online


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