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3 Ways to Save when Attending a Wedding

Budget and Save

With the average cost of attending a wedding around $673, it’s no wonder why more than 43 percent of Americans are turning down wedding invitations due to financial reasons [1].

Guests at a wedding

Don't let money be a reason why you can't attend the wedding of a friend. Here are a few tips to save you money when you're watching someone say “I do.”

1. Prepare in advance
If you're close to the bride and groom, try and figure out where they are planning the wedding festivities. If they plan to go far, you can budget and start to save ahead of time. Also, buy your gift from the registry before everyone else. This way you can buy the gifts that are priced in the middle, instead of waiting and having to buy a gift for more than you budgeted.

2. Go in groups
Hotel and airfare are the two largest factors when attending a wedding. If you are able to, try and talk to the airlines to see if you could get a group rate, if there are a large amount of people flying from the same place. Also, consider splitting hotel rooms with other guests you know. It'll give you a good chance to catch up with some friends and save some extra money.

3. Rent and Recycle
If you feel like you need a new dress or suit, consider renting or borrowing from a friend instead of buying. It' be cheaper and will allow you the option to get a different outfit for the next wedding you attend. If you feel like it might be better to buy, try to buy a neutral dress or suit and dress it up with accessories or different ties so that it can be used at multiple weddings. This will save you the hassle of having to rent or buy for the other weddings you attend.


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