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We promise to provide the best financial products and services, at the best value, that will not only meet, but exceed your needs at all stages of your financial life. Contact us with any question or concern.

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1800 S. Glenstone, Springfield, MO 65804
P.O. Box 3397, Springfield, MO 65808
(417) 881-3100
(877) 331-2997

Routing / ABA Number: 086518477

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Report Suspicious Activity / Online Fraud:

Electronic Banking Support Center for Online Banking: (417) 841-4230 or (800) 750-1503
Electronic Banking Support Center for BusinessLink: (866) 777-3856
Customer Service: (417) 881-3100
InfoLine (Telephone Banking): (417) 881-4636 or (888) 231-4637

To report a lost of stolen Credit Card, contact our Bankcard Center: (800) 445-9272
To report a lost of stolen Debit Card, contact our Bankcard Center: (855) 401-4599

Greetings from the Ozarks:

A successful bank can be measured in many ways. But the one simple way we have always defined success is how well our customers, community and employees are doing. As a community bank, we are only successful if the people in our community are successful.

Our jobs as bankers is to loan money to people in our area - to start a business, to help their children go to college and to finance their first car or home. But our most important job is to support our community. The next time you’re at a local charity event, take a look around. You’ll probably recognize some of our employees working side-by-side with the rest of the volunteers. Our employees have always shared our bank’s ongoing commitment to volunteerism. And while we certainly encourage them to be involved, they make a conscious choice to do so. Central Bank of the Ozarks employees contribute countless hours of their personal time and donation dollars to a variety of charitable endeavors, community churches, local schools, civic groups, non-profit organizations and leadership efforts, even coaching the local little league team. The list is endless. We also support our community with over $300,000 annually in donations and sponsorships to support the many causes that make the Ozarks a great place to work and live.

We have always maintained a simple, straightforward approach to banking: get to know our customers well and focus on the banking fundamentals that have proven successful over the years. Our mission is to build long-term relationships by consistently offering friendly, convenient service, sound financial advice and state-of-the-art products. As we look ahead to all the possibilities the future holds, rest assured that we will always continue to provide you with safe and dependable financial services and community outreach and support—everything that makes a community bank a true community partner.

Local Areas We Service:

Fair Grove, MO

Marshfield, MO

Pleasant Hope, MO

Strafford, MO

Bolivar, MO

Forsyth, MO

Nixa, MO

Republic, MO

Willard, MO

Buffalo, MO

Highlandville, MO

Ozark, MO

Springfield, MO

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