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The Power of a Consistent Brand Message

Grow Your Business

To keep your business on top of the competition, it’s crucial to have a consistent and accurate online presence across your website and social media platforms.

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Your digital presence is integral to the success of your business. It's important that you as the owner, as well as your employees, understand your brand and vision for the company. And that your brand is carried through all digital and social platforms consistently. This includes logos, brand messaging, and the tone of your content and social posts.

First thing is first - document your brand strategy. This can include your purpose, logo, tone, and long-term vision. Share this with your business or organization and make sure your internal team is all on the same page. Make sure you include that one little nugget that sets your business apart from your competitors in your local market and overarching industry.

Determine where your customers and competitors are in terms of social media and search. You'll want to make sure you carry your brand message over to these social channels so customers can see it. Brand consistency will ultimately result in brand recognition if done correctly. Facebook is taking off for businesses of all industries in the consumer world, so make sure your business has a Facebook page. Facebook is essential to helping potential customers find your business location, business hours, and get a sense of the purpose of your business without coming to your physical location or visiting your website.

Along with your brand message and purpose, it's important that your business hours are posted correctly across all channels - website, social, and search results. Don't forget to update these if you have special holiday hours and closings!

Finally, check that your business has a presence (preferably positive) on rating and review sites and that your brand image is also carried consistently through these channels. This includes any responses from your business to consumer reviews posted. Consumers researching your business will often perform a search to get an understanding of experiences others have had. Both word of mouth and digital referrals and reviews say a lot about your business. People will talk about your business, whether they have good or bad things to say. Word travels quickly (especially in the world of social media) so it's important to be on your A game.

Through all channels - website, social, and search, the key is to create a consistent brand message that is relatable to your audience.


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