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How to Carry Money While Traveling


Planning a trip to somewhere new is exciting. You pack your bags and look forward to new experiences, like trying local cuisine, shopping at small stores and seeking out landmarks and monuments.

You probably put a lot of time and energy into calculating how much in savings you'll need to make the trip worthwhile. All of those restaurants, cute little shops and tourist destinations almost always come at a price.

As such, you know you'll need to carry cash and cards around with you. Unfortunately, local pickpockets are privy to this piece of wisdom as well. So comes the question: How do you carry your money with you so it is both accessible and secure? There's no question that this is a difficult feat, but it is a possible one if you know how to strike an even balance.

Keep it on you

The best place to keep your money is in a place that is 100 percent hidden and unnoticeable. Money pouches are an effective way to keep your valuables safe and on your person at all times. Some can be attached to your belt, others may hang around your neck. Either way, they are much more secure than an easily grabbed purse or backpack, Independent Traveler pointed out [1].

"Money pouches are an effective way to keep your valuables safe."

These aren't just for your money, though. Keep your important documents, like your passport, in these pouches as well.

Divide and conquer

USA Today suggested that you divide up your money and cards and keep them in separate places [2]. Perhaps you want to keep one in a harder-to-reach place, like a money pouch, and one that is easily accessible for those times when you see a roadside crepe stand that you need to check out.

Independent Traveler explained that this is a good idea when you're traveling in pairs or a group as well. Make sure everyone has at least some cash and one card. This way, if you split up, everyone has some funds to find their way back to the hotel or other meeting point. Additionally, if one person gets robbed, another person can help out.

Be alert at the ATM

Thieves know that ATMs are the one place that travelers will be holding cash at some point. This makes these handy machines easy targets. U.S. News & World Report suggested seeking out ATMs that are located inside a building, as they are less likely to be equipped with technology that will steal your information [3].

If the door is able to lock, be sure that it does, and that no one follows you inside. If there are people behind you, always cover the keypad so that no one can see your PIN, and be sure to collect the receipt before you leave.

Create a diversion

Some people carry a dummy wallet to deter thieves from getting the real deal. Use a cheap wallet, put one or two fake or unusable credit cards inside along with some small bills or change.


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